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The Scandinavia Box

The Scandinavian Candy Box

The Scandinavian Candy Box

The Scandinavian Candy Box


Prepare to embark on a sweet adventure rooted in Scandinavian traditions.

In Sweden, snacking is an art, celebrated through the cherished rituals of 'Fredagsmys' and 'Lördagsgodis'. 'Fredagsmys' signifies cozy Friday moments with loved ones, while 'Lördagsgodis' is a special Saturday tradition where children eagerly savor their favorite candies.

Our Scandinavian Candy Box brings these delightful moments to your doorstep every month. Packed with an array of Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian treats, this box is your ticket to a genuine Scandinavian experience. Whether you're relishing a cozy evening or creating special memories with family and friends, our candy box is your passport to the heart of Scandinavia.

Allergen: May contain dairy, nuts, and gluten products 

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